The hardest journey…


It was a week ago when we discovered her bump was a tumor. I originally posted this on Medium. You can read the Medium post here. That was Day One.

Like Anna, I will be posting my thoughts and feelings about our journey to battle the disease. The purpose of this blog is also share to share our journey so that other people will understand and cope and fight their own battles, with the knowledge and understanding they need to adjust to a new life.

More to come.


One thought on “The hardest journey…

  1. Hi Anna & Genghis,

    Your family has been in my thoughts daily as I pray for Samar and her battles. Michelle updated us last weekend as you texted each other during our lunch at Rooftop. It all happened so quickly as I recall seeing you last at a bday party. I sought for answers through your eloquent blogs. I couldn’t help but cry as I read the entries backward from the most recent to your First Day in Medium. It’s a hard journey I know, but THANK YOU for sharing.

    I cried even harder with guilt as I sit here at 2am feeling tired and frustrated, with my 18mo old boy who wouldn’t sleep since 11:44pm. I swayed him, I sang to him, I pat his back. I put him down asleep, but he cried as the door closed. First try was the usual, then he usually went back to sleep after a minute. Second time, I made him milk and gave a dose of Benadryl, not for cowardly trying to make him drowsy to sleep, but to finally give him comfort after he relentlessly scratched his healing mouth-and-hand disease rashes from last week.

    Third one’s a charm. Daddy Jez finally got up at 12:45am(in preparation for his new 2am work schedule), and swayed Nixon to sleep. But to no success at 1am. Nixon still protested.

    Though this “normal night”(for a sick baby) may be insignificant and unrelated to your story, I wanted to let you know that at the 4th try and 2hrs of swaying with one eye open, I picked up my boy and hugged him tighter, kissed him sweeter, and I prayed….”thank you for tonight. my frustrations, my tiredness, my sleepless night, cannot compare to Little Samar’s battle with cancer. I shouldn’t complain if #SamarStrong, so AM I.”

    Thank you for the constant reminder of the beauty of parenthood and for Samar inspiring everyone that no battle is too big to tackle!

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