5.7.16 :: Still No Diagnosis

Without getting too technical, here’s why we are still waiting on a diagnosis.

As of Monday, our oncologist had a list of three types of cancer on her shortlist based on the previous MRI and CT scans done, and not including the biopsy that was yet to be completed that afternoon.

The biopsy was done from her cheek. The doc went under her lip to access the tumor. The cells obtained from the tissues in that biopsy were dead, so they couldn’t properly stain or test them. Other procedures were ordered such as a spinal tap and procurement of bone marrow. Going into yesterday’s procedures, our oncologist basically said her shortlist had either changed or changed order.

Results from yesterday’s tests ruled out another cancer type that they were considering. But as it stands, they still don’t have any cells that they can test. So another biopsy is required. This coming Monday, Samar will need a PET scan which will determine the best site to obtain more tissue. We’re hopeful it’s from her rib as it would involve the least invasive procedure. If the stars align, both can be done that day.

Hopefully we’ll have a confirmed diagnosis by Tuesday or Wednesday with a protocol to start immediately thereafter.

She was admitted ahead of a diagnosis after her appointment on Thursday (which was only to check her levels), mostly because our oncologist wanted her here for the procedures yesterday. We had hoped for one last normal weekend with a Mother’s Day that didn’t involve a hospital, but they asked she stay through just to keep her close and monitor the growth of the tumor in her cheek.

One bright spot in yesterday’s tests is that her pelvis, which had shown an abnormality in the
the CT scan last week, tested negative. So no sign of cancer there. I’ll call that a win and be thankful one prayer was answered there!

That’s the latest. Our hospital stay and journey has begun. It’ll be another starting point once the diagnosis is determined and protocol is set.

In the meantime, hopefully we’ll be free of any surprise procedures or tests this weekend and I’ll be able to enjoy my time with Samar and the boys this Mother’s Day!

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