5.11.16 :: Favorite Part of the Day

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One of my favorite parts of the day is when everyone is asleep and down for the night. From then, until I wake the next morning, I know my babies are safely and peacefully asleep in the stillness of the night. It’s one of the few times I don’t have to worry about where they are or what could happen to them.

Since Sissy has been admitted, it’s that time of the day that, for the most part, she is resting peacefully and we don’t have to anticipate any stressful procedures. Of course that all resets the next morning when we wait on the team of doctors who tell us what the next steps may be.

I truly hope yesterday’s biopsy was her 4th and final one. To see her undergo all these procedures and be put under anesthesia makes my heart stop each time. Yesterday’s was the most stressful thus far because it was the most invasive and will be the most painful in terms of recovery. I pray she will be tolerant of the discomfort and patient with the draining tube they inserted.

I also pray they find what they need to make a diagnosis. If for any reason yesterday’s tissue renders another inconclusive result, yet another biopsy will be required. The stops and starts of each of these biopsies really wear on your emotions and nerves.

So grateful we had some family with us to lift our spirits, help out as an extra hand or set of ears, or bring back some serious 80’s side ponytail action. 😊

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Despite being NPO all day yesterday, our Samar powered through and made it to surgery. Another miracle in itself!

Kuya ended the day by leading a prayer at Sissy’s bedside before saying good night.


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As we start our day, let’s hope for a positive direction to move into today.


6 thoughts on “5.11.16 :: Favorite Part of the Day

  1. We love you Samar. I’m sure Tito Frank is shieding you from the pain. He is your inner strength. Get well soon and visit us here again, ok 🙂

    Praying for you everyday.

    Tita Ching

  2. Thanks Rina and Genghis for being strong. Thanks for the miracles that happen day after day, the super abundance of Grace, thoughts, prayers and the litany goes on. Our loving Father watches over everyone, especially Samar. Hope does not and will never disappoint…for Jesus and His mother are always close by. T. Ging

  3. When the fear and stress becomes to much to bear, surrender it to Christ Jesus. I believe that He is there with you every moment of every day to carry you during this difficult time. I also believe that in the name of Christ Jesus, everything is possible. You are in our thoughts and prayers. As a mother of two young children, I can only imagine what you’re going through. Know that you have so much support and love from your friends and family not only here on earth, but in heaven. I feel in my heart, Rina, that your Dad is with you and your family.

  4. You have strength in you heart, spirit and faith that you never knew
    you possessed. I’m very proud of you. The day Samar was diagnosed you knew that you would fail her, you would not be able to handle this and she deserved a mother who could get her through it. You feared every day was the day you would lose her and become the person you most feared: a mom who was less than her children needed in every way. Yet, no matter how bad the day, how raw the pain, how real the fear…you’ve found your way through prayer, belief, faith and love. In GOD we trust. Love you, Anna….Cora

  5. Genghis and Rinna,
    God is always with you all the way, we continue to storm heaven for miracles, we believe they are happening already. The strenght and courage that you have is a gift from God. You have a lot of prayer warriors and
    God is listening to each and everyone’s prayers. You get through this trying times and Samar will be alright.
    That I trust in God. Our parish is praying for Samar.

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