It Takes a Village…

It takes a village to raise a child. – African proverb

The past three weeks have been an unending stream of decisions and quick turns. Some are made by us, others are made for us. The life changes have been happening so fast that we are at our wits end trying to adjust to the frenetic pace of our day to day. What used to be easy, has become more complex as we live between home and hospital. We rarely have time to cook, clean and do the normal things, we now toil for granted. Picking up the kids from daycare or dropping them off at places and events are now a balancing act of timing and constant communication.

Our family is surviving day to day, because of the emotional support of family, friends, and strangers. The support has been overwhelming, The care packages for Samar, have been helpful to keep her busy. She now has more than enough coloring books, crayons and Frozen merchandise to open up a storefront. 🙂  Many people have told us to accept the help from those who offer. For our family, it’s a difficult thing to accept help from people. But in order for us to deal with the changes in our life, we must accept the help. It takes a village for us to get through the changes cancer has caused.

To that end, we’ve set up a calendar, to help with the day to day. The biggest challenges come when we split our family responsibilities between home and hospital. Things like taking our son to his MMA practice, or cooking a family meal, rather than eating out, have all become challenges. We are looking to establish our new normal routine, but that being said, we know that can’t happen without your help.

People have asked. And we’ve thought about the ways in which people can provide support.

1) Help with Dinner and PickUps.

We’ve set up a calendar on, is a site that helps families plan meals, pickups and other things. It’s the community board for the village that will help us get through this.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 7.57.26 PM

If you’re so inclined, please contact my brother, Drew. You can email him for the link to the calendar.  He will be the primary contact and organizer for our mealtrain account. He’ll be able to answer your questions.  Your support will help us regain a sense of normalcy that we have lost along the way. Thank you for your consideration and most of all, your love.

2) Donations

Many people have asked, and a number of people have set up their own gofundme accounts or other resources to collect donations in Samar’s name. We are touched by the gestures, however, we wanted to make sure that there is only one source for any type of donations or offerings, so we partnered with foundation, to host Samar’s very own donation page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.00.27 PM

We recognize that during this difficult period we will survive pediatric cancer from the help of family, friends and strangers alike. We know we can’t do this alone. Accepting help from all of you will help our family gather the strength and hope we need to endure the long road ahead. Thank you.

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