6.6.16 :: Round Two


It’s been almost a week since our last post. We’d been on cruise control for a couple of weeks, waiting for Samar to recoup in the recovery phase, to get her blood counts up. We were also anticipating the first PET/CT scans and procedures to get an idea of how effective the first round of chemo had been. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, thoughts, healing energy and well wishes!

We officially heard today that the tumor in her cheek had “dramatically” shrunken and what was showing in her chest and spleen had also shown improvement! The treatment seems to be working.

There is however, residual. There are still some spots showing in those sites. We had hoped to wait a couple more weeks, or at least the end of the week for round two of chemo to begin, but the oncology team advised we start ASAP. As far as they can tell, it’s not aggressive, but because she has an uncommon case of AML (where traditionally, it originates in the bone marrow and her’s did not), they’d like to be prudent and move forward.

So here we go again.  I know we have not fallen off your intentions list, but I wouldn’t feel like I was doing my job as her Mom, if I didn’t go ahead and just ask for more of what you all have been doing!  Please keep those prayers, positivity and energy coming for another successful round of chemo, for her body to endure all that it needs to during this next phase, for her healing.

She’s been in great spirits the last few weeks. Every time the oncology team would make their rounds, we’d always hear, “She looks great! She’s doing as well as can be expected.” And yes, thankfully, by looking at her, you would never be able to tell that our energetic little warrior was ill. But at the end of the day, I never could hang my hat on that until the official results of last week’s procedures. Last Friday, we learned a new term, “scan-xiety.”  And boy were we experiencing some of that!

I would be remiss if I did not continue to thank each of you who routinely text us to check on us, have visited Samar at the hospital, taken big bro for playdates, sent gifts, dropped off meals, had meals sent to us, and donated to Samar’s fund! Our gratitude is never ending!!! The meals have been incredibly helpful, and her fund will go towards purchasing items to help her body manage through the chemo and protect it, holistically, as best as possible. If you’d still like to help us in either of those ways, we would be grateful!

For meals, please contact our brother Drew at beatsnrice@gmail.com to be added to the mealtrain calendar.

To donate to her fund: https://www.theyoungandbrave.com/warriors/samar-m/.

Most importantly, amen and AMEN for all the thoughts, prayers and support! We are continuing to move in the direction of healing.


Let’s keep the faith. And much like most of us wear the same outfit we were wearing the night our team(s) win(s) a game or championship, let’s all keep doing what we’re doing!!!







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