6.15.16 :: She’s Home!

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I woke up to sounds of thumping in the house this morning. It was a sound I hadn’t heard in awhile so it took me a good second to process while I was orienting myself out of sleep. I happily remembered they were those same thuds of her clunky feet hitting the floor when she woke in the morning and was running around the house. Her. My girl. My baby girl is HOME.

At the beginning of her diagnosis, we were told we would be admitted to the hospital for a solid SIX months with the possibility of a short window to be discharged in between rounds of chemo. But even with that, we would not be able to take her home as it requires crossing a bridge to get from home to the hospital. So when we were told just days before that there might be a possiblity she would be discharged, and that we could start thinking about options of where to stay locally, we were cautiously optimistic! A lot was riding on her discharge though: no fevers, a good appetite, overall, good energy. She was virtually the opposite of all of those just a few days prior. She was in the middle of the second round and she was quiet, didn’t want to eat much, and just wanted to snuggle. But by Sunday, our little warrior re-emerged! She was full of life. She wanted to play. She wanted to walk. She wanted to eat. It was looking good, but I was holding my breath because things could change quickly. I didn’t want to jinx anything and I would only believe we were actually going to be discharged when we were walking out of the hospital.

We were also told that our primary oncologist also had approved her recovery period at home! I was in disbelief with that one. But when I tell you God sends you little miracles amidst all the trials, it’s the truth!

We officially received word in the early afternoon, but we still needed to complete a few things like training on how to administer medications through her IV at home. We needed to learn the signs to look for if we needed to call the doctor right away. And, we had to pack up our home away from home. It had only been 46 days, but I swear I felt like I was moving out of a small apartment! Amazing how much we amassed in that amount of time, though with all the toys, gifts and food you all sent us, it really isn’t that hard to believe.

The boys didn’t know Sissy was coming home, and their reunion was incredibly sweet. Lots of squealing, hugging, and screaming. It was such a heartwarming homecoming. My heart just continues to overflow knowing that all my babies are home. We are complete.

It was really interesting to watch her last night. I wasn’t sure how she would react since she had been gone for a good period of time. I caught her looking around several times and sort of taking things in, reacquainting herself. She would wander into a room and take a look around. But she settled right in.

We are definitely relishing this time together. And while we are home-home, we won’t be far from the hospital. We will be back for routine appointments during these next two weeks while we wait for her counts to recover. Hopefully, that’s all we’ll need to come back for while we are outpatient. Though unfortunately, most kids do end up returning sooner than they are supposed to as fever and infections are a common occurrence during the recovery period.

In the meantime, we are overwhelmingly thankful for such a wonderful blessing! We continue to pray that they were able to eradicate all the residual cancer cells in this second round, her blood cell counts continue to rise for the next round of chemo, and believe in her complete healing!

I went to bed last night feeling the best I ever have since this journey began. The only thing that topped it was the warmest hug I received early this morning when she burst into my room like she always does in the mornings. I won’t ever take those for granted again.

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