7.9.16 :: Highs

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Remember when I said highs and lows?  Well her ANC count (white blood cells to fight infection) went from 0 (last Monday) to 28 to 420 (yesterday) to 1590 today. Hallelujah! Apparently it can jump leaps and bounds in a matter of days sometimes. SO grateful that it continues to climb higher! (For reference, A normal white blood cell count in a child is between 5,000 and 10,000 cells.)

This means she can proceed with the third round of chemo. She will have to have the PICC line, that was inserted just last Thursday, removed and the port put back in. Another round of procedures coming right up, in tandem with the next phase of chemo.

I pray we continue to move towards that finish line of complete health.

If you would like to visit her, this weekend would be a good time as she will have a full week of chemo ahead, followed by the recovery period when her counts will be low and her immune system once again suppressed. She’ll be extremely susceptible to infection, so again, we’ll tighten up on visitors during that time.

As hospital life is back in full swing and we juggle with home life, we will rely on those meals even more, again. Home cooked, restaurant-bought, or gift cards — we are appreciative! If you’d like to coordinate a meal, please email our brother Drew @ beatsnrice@gmail.com

Her fundraising page is still up if you would like to contribute. Those funds have gone towards medical bills, purchasing items such as HEPA filters, specialized water filters, and homeopathic aids to assist with her with healing.

We never end our day without complete gratitude for our blessings and support. So thank you!

Praying for more days up ahead filled with highs than lows.

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