7.10.16 :: Fluttering


Before Samar was diagnosed, I would make donations to pediatric cancer organizations in hopes it would never happen to us or that we would ever need the resources of a non-profit pediatric cancer organization.

Did you know how grossly underfunded pediatric cancer research is in this country? Less than 4% of federal cancer research funding is allocated for childhood cancers. Yes. FOUR PERCENT. Unacceptable.

cancer claims the lives of SEVEN kids PER DAY in the US. Seven more than it needs to. Heartbreaking.

Our friends at Unravel are doing their part to make sure someone is looking out for our kids.

We purchased our FLUTTERING kit to help educate others and shine a light on the importance of fundraising for childhood cancer.

I’m also pledging a separate kit to anyone who’d like to help us FLUTTER. It’s also a great way to get the kids in your life involved. Please send me a PM if you would like to participate. I will purchase the kit for you.

You can also purchase your own kit if you like until Juy 15th!


Take a moment to watch the video to learn about how you can help.

Please FLUTTER with us in September during Pediatric cancer Awareness Month.

SAMAR needs you. Our KIDS need you.


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