7.13.16 :: Update

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What order do you prefer your news? Are you the type of person that likes to hear the good news first, and then the bad? Or the opposite?

Well, in this post there’s not so good news, good news, and great news! How’s that?

So I recently posted about her counts rising in time for her to start the third round of chemo. That was good news! There was anxiety about waiting for her counts to rise and her being neutropenic (more susceptible to bacterial infections). But thankfully, they continued to rise and the doctors were ready to move forward with her starting the next round of chemo.

The great news… Ready?

Her recent PET scan showed the tumor in her cheek is pretty much gone and the cells in her rib and spleen show no cancer! GOD IS GOOD.

I need to say that again. GOD IS GOOD.

I know we all have different beliefs, but I can tell you from where I’m sitting, God is real!  He has been listening to every prayer you all have said for her! All of it, the prayers, the positive thoughts, the healing energy are cumulatively helping all of us through this battle! Now, we are still waiting for the formal results from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital regarding her bone marrow, but per the oncs here, the preliminary results appear to show clear there as well. Did I tell you God is good?

Ok…well now that I hopefully have brightened your day. 🙂

All that to say, she is not out of the woods. She still has two rounds of chemo to go.  There is always risk of infection, fevers, and other complications.  And each time will be a little harder to rebound than the last.  That was apparent today.

The not so great news, today is day 2 of round 3 and she isn’t feeling well. She woke up fine this morning and she was game for a “walk” around the hospital. That walk quickly turned into me carrying her the entire time. She was tired. She didn’t eat or drink much today and overall, she just couldn’t get comfortable. Lots of cuddling this evening to try and make her feel better. It’s a little frustrating when she can’t verbalize what she’s feeling more than just some moaning and groaning and an occassional, “Owie.”

So while things are definitely moving in a positive direction, you know what’s coming next. My very impassioned plea for continued you-know-what.

Everything each of you have been putting forth, sending up, and sending over in the name of her healing and beating this thing, please don’t stop! Most kids who die from cancer, die from illnesses or complications due to a weakened immune system. Just when her blood counts start to go up, chemo goes in and wipes out all the good (and bad) cells.

Please don’t forget about her. Please don’t let her fall off your intentions list.

Above all, I pray for her healing with minimal bumps on the road to recovery. I pray for her comfort through this. And I also pray for each of you who continue to pray for us.

We’ll keep our eyes on the prize and take all the news — great, good, not so good, and even bad — with very grateful hearts.

6 thoughts on “7.13.16 :: Update

  1. Praise God and we will not cease to pray for Samar! Thank you for the update since timing for our attempted visits didnt always go as planned. Maybe facetime date for Samar and Ella? I’m home now as we wait for baby boy. Love you guys

  2. So glad to hear her counts are rising and the cancer is shrinking. While chemo may not be the most fun, with awful side effects the main purpose makes itself clear! I’m so thankful I am able to read about the ups and downs during this journey- I think about you and your family all the time. I would never wish this experience on anyone, but you are showing that God tests the truly strong with the most difficult tests.

    Love to you and the family, and give my love/ strength from one survivor to another! Samar you got this girl!!

    1. Thank you Linds! Your note is so uplifting and encouraging! And your very own cancer journey gives us hope that this battle can be won!

  3. God is good and great and willing and most of all, loving. He is our Jehovah Rapha, which means, The Lord God Our Healer. Now, we will worship Him with a heart of gratefulness as we continue to believe in her complete healing. All glory and honor to Him!! Continue with a heart of worship for His healing power and His faithfulness. Don’t give up hope. Remember: Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

  4. Genghis and Anna, your grace and strength are inspirational and humbling. Very happy that you’ve received great news – and sending good thoughts that things continue to go in a good direction for all of you.

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