7.26.16 :: Back So Soon


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There’s no such thing as getting comfortable when you’ve got a cancer kid.

She’s been her bright, energetic self since she’s been home, slowing down for nothing at all. But her temperature started to climb late afternoon yesterday. By 6pm she had reached the threshold where we needed to take her in. Fevers can turn into something ugly fast if not given proper and immediate attention.

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Just hours before fever struck modeling her new cape.

She had been home for just a hair over a week after completing round three of chemo. If we had our way, she would have stayed home longer to recover and returned to the hospital for round four in a week or two. We thought we made it out unscathed when there was a special on diarrhea last week, but you can’t win ’em all. Big bro started with a fever last Thursday night which continued well past the weekend. His pedia visit confirmed strep throat yesterday. I was already bracing myself over the weekend because I just knew it would be a matter of time. Despite trying our very best to keep them separated, we can only do so much. Still waiting for results, but I suspect that brother’s case of strep had something to do with it.

So here we are back and admitted until her counts are up. Our first stop last night was the ER to get worked up before being heading to our room in the pediatric oncology unit. The resident took a look in her ears and after a bit of jostling (she wasn’t too happy about that), her ears started to bleed. She also had bleeding in her gums. She’s also continuing to bruise really easily. All because she is neutropenic – her blood counts are extremely low. She was traumatized by the ear exam and quickly developed a phobia. She wouldn’t let anyone near her ears, including me. She also threw up her dinner while we waited in the ER exam room. Likely prompted by an irritated stomach from swallowing the blood from her gums.

Oh, my Samar. Things were seemingly as normal as they could be in our new reality. We seemed to have gotten an easy pass during round three. I felt like I could let in a sip of air for a brief moment. But this disease keeps you by the seat of your pants. Just when you think you can breathe, don’t.

So I’m just going to continuing sucking it in. Currently waiting for the results of some tests and praying there are no serious infections and that the fevers have been contained. She’s back to sassy and energetic 2-year-old status today so I’m hopeful.

Until then, thankful for the prayers and good thoughts and continuing to look for that light at the end of the tunnel.


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  1. Victory isn’t made for defeat. It’s going to overcome in the end, so we have to remain hopeful and worship minded. God is love and we have to trust Him even when bad things happen, because bad things happen. I think that where they get the phrase “sometimes bad things happen to good people.” But good thing with God, everything is better. I’m praying intensely and believing for complete healing of her body in Jesus mighty name. The name above all names and above every disease. That the doctors would be amazed and is so grateful and humbled by Your great love for us b

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