7.27.16 :: And Now Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

A lady never leaves without her purse. During today's walk.
A lady never leaves without her purse…and her LuLaroe leggings! During today’s walk.

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts sent our way. She is in a much better situation and no longer having any fevers. They immediately gave her more antibiotics to broaden her coverage. As I previously mentioned, she was back to her usual form yesterday and her disposition is much better. Thankfully it wasn’t strep, so brother’s strep was not the cause. Tests returned negative for any infections – praise the Lord!

Better news all around and it’s “back to business as usual.” She’s here now until the last round of chemo, meanwhile waiting for her counts to go up. Praying her counts will get there swiftly so she can proceed to round four. Praying she will sail through round four and recovery with minimal to no complications. Praying this will all be a distant memory soon and she can resume living life as a normal two-year-old.

On another note, this mama technically heads back to work tomorrow and back in the office next week. I feel like an entirely new post is required just to express all the different emotions I’ve gone through since taking off for maternity leave.  As if adding a third child to the family dynamic wasn’t life changing enough, how little did I know how much more adjustment was in store! I’m feeling all of it now and I’m sure it will be a range of emotions when I board that BART train again. Sigh…

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I head back to life in the workforce.

Continued love and thanks always. They’ve carried us this far and continue to push us forward.

5 thoughts on “7.27.16 :: And Now Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. You have made it this far. Psalm 23 says he will lead you through the valley of shadow and death. I’ve been reading your posts and I’m believing in healing for Samar.

  2. That “saying” is true…. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!

    YOU ARE ONE AMAZING, MAMA…. and I believe He is definitely with you (and Genghis and the kids) through all this. KAYA MO YAN! Ikaw pa?!?!?!?!

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