7.31.16 :: Date Night

Date night. What’s that? Boy do you miss those once parenthood gets going. And nearly impossible when you have a child with cancer.

We are so thankful to have family who were able to help last night with watching the kids. Grumma watched Sissy at the hospital. Our cousin took Rizzy to hang with his cousins, and our Aunt watched baby boy. It takes a village. It’s true.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But how important is it to be able to have the time with your partner or spouse when you’re going through something like this. The time together between just the two of you is virtually non-existent. Some time to reconnect. The ability to have an uninterrupted conversation for a length of time. And just the comfort of being alone, together. I know all you parents already know what I’m talking about. G and I were long overdue. It was so welcomed and so needed. A few hours to forget about blood counts, scans, medications and procedures. And to top it off, we met up with friends who we haven’t had the chance to spend time with all summer. Since it was a New Edition and Babyface concert (you 70s babies know what I’m talking about! Youngins – Google it!) we ran into so many familiar faces and friends. We kept hearing, “It’s so nice to see you two out.” And so many friends commented the same on our social media posts. Thank you friends. It was such a heartwarming reminder of just how much people are on this journey with us. You can feel what we feel. Thank you to each of you who pointed that out to us by simply saying those words.

Grateful for some memories made and moments in time last night.



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