2017. April 29.

IMG_6546A year ago today, we woke up to all the chaos that comes with two toddlers and an infant son. A year ago today, our  lives were forever changed by words you could never imagine hearing about your two year old child.  Since then, so much has affected our lives, and for the better.

Samar is now three. She just celebrated her birthday two weeks ago. She’s in remission.

Beyond words.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come. 158 days of making a hospital room our second home, advocating for our pediatric cancer patient, learning and adopting ways to help her thrive through the diagnosis and treatment, hurdling through the emotional ups and downs, juggling home life with hospital life, parenting two other children while being a partner to your spouse and keeping a full-time job. In the thick of it, you just push through, and you’re just thankful that you are able to somehow survive.

Life has gotten back to as “normal” as it can be given the circumstances. Like most parents, we manage through the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. She adjusted back to life at home fairly quickly, and has been home with us until she starts preschool at the end of the summer.

And as normal as it can seem, when those monthly oncology check-ups and routine procedures come up, or when she has a sniffle, or potentially running a fever — those are the times we are reminded of the path we are traveling. Not that I wasn’t already a hypochondriac before all this, but PTSD is a real thing when you’ve experienced something like this! Every clean check-up brings us one step closer to complete remission.

Still, it’s crazy and amazing to look back on all those months. And still, a year later, I believe that our path is not by mistake, but in God’s perfect plan. It’s strengthened our relationships together as a family, with my husband, and taught us firsthand, not to take these moments for granted no matter how chaotic the hustle and bustle can be.

Rallying a community through prayer, intention, positive energy and healing thoughts, was another huge blessing. We would definitely not be here today had it not been for Samar’s warriors. We just continue to count our blessings, take it one check-up at a time, and pray for the intention meant for us.

A fellow cancer parent, who unfortunately lost their legendary three-year-old a couple of months ago is currently traveling with their family on a road trip through the U.S. He captioned it best, “I am so grateful to God for the people he has, and will continue to bring on our path. There are no coincidences, no detours to mess up our plans, just God’s divine road map for our lives.”

Amen. Blessed. Thankful. Always.

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